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Location Map - How to get to The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, OH

About Us - The general relationship between the WCAC and The Wilderness Center.

What To Expect At A Public Viewing Night - Read this before coming down to one.
Planetarium  - Information about the new Fred F. Silk Planetarium including current status, planetarium shows and planetarium links

Event Horizon - Calendar of events for the WCAC.

What's Up? - Current astronomical special events, a listing of links to sites that contain general information of current events for Ohio (star parties), what is currently up in the sky, observing lists, on line sky charts and local planetariums/museaums.

Research - Various research projects that amateurs can participate in to help professional astronomers.

Occultation Timing
Variable Stars
Meteor Showers
SIG - Special Interest Groups. Specific areas of activity several club members are involved in.
Dark Sky Observing
Occultation Timing
Variable Star Observing
Meteor Watches
Photo Gallery- Divided into 8 areas.
Displays - General pictures/video clips

Activities - Notes and pics on various topics.
       - Unguided astro photography
       - Video camera based imaging.

CCD Archive - All astronomical CCD camera images

Emulsion Archive - All emulsion (film) images

Video Archive - All video camera images

Astro Events - Astronomical pics of an astronomical event shuch as an eclipse, transit.

Digital Camera - Images from a regular Digital camera (typicly afocal).

Policy - Our policy and info to send in an image.

Links - Lots of them
Links to Astronomical Resources
Links to Other Astronomy Clubs
Tutorials - Detailed information about making and using astronomy equipment.

Glossary - Glossary of astronomy related terms.

Pronunciation Guide - For the not so obvious names and terms.

Membership Application - To join just fill one out and mail it in.

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