Venus is in the center of the image.  The streak next to Venus is a Leonid
meteor.  The streak on the left side of the image is also a meteor, but may
be a sporadic due to the different angle it has.  The streak on the right
side of the image is an airplane.  The flashing light gives it away.  The
dark blob in the bottom left corner is a group of trees.  The camera was
mounted piggyback on the scope and the scope was equatorially mounted which
meant it was at an angle when near the eastern horizon.  The dark arc at the
bottom of the picture is the front end of my telescope.

Location the photo was taken: In the middle of nowhere in south eastern Ohio,
somewhere between Cambridge and McConnelsville.

Film camera lens, etc.: Film: Fuji 800 speed color print film.  Camera lens:
50 mm F2.0.  Exposure time: 1 minute.

Date: 11/18/99 4:37 AM EST.

Phil Hoyle