Hi, all...

Field Trip!
Youngstown- Ward Beecher Planetarium
Sat., April 21st, 2:30PM
April Club Meeting has been canceled


Just a heads up about our plans for a little field trip in April, which will substitute for our regular meeting that month which has been canceled. We're heading over to the campus of Youngstown State to visit the Ward Beecher Planetarium on April 21st for the 2:30pm showing of "Ringworld-II".  It's an updated show on the Cassini mission to Saturn.  After the public show we'll hang around for a behind the scenes peek at the new state of the art planetarium projectors just recently installed there, including a GOTO Chronos digitally controlled opto-mechanical projector and a Spitz full dome video system.

If anyone has a burning question about this sort of stuff that you want satisfied when we visit with the staff there, let me know and I'll forward it to our contacts.  For example, is there some date/location/event you'd like to see demonstrated on the dome?  The way the Chronos works you might as well call it a "full dome desktop planetarium"  -just about as close as we come in the early 21st century to the 23rd century Astrocartography Lab aboard the Enterprise-D!  They can access any date on the fly and program a series of events and just click through them as needed.  I have a few things in mind but I'll be happy to have them indulge your whim if you'll let me know what it might be.  But, please do this by the end of this month to give them a chance to see what we've come up with...

You can mapquest directions from your location to "Ward Beecher Planetarium" and that will get you there.  Or, let's plan on car pooling from someplace like Belden Village.  More info. at the March meeting, then...

Check out:  http://cc.ysu.edu/physics-astro/sked2007.html    Also on that page,  note their "Astro 101" lecture series on various dates... (close the new window to return)

Dave Ross