Saturn Workshop June 2001

In Print:

Sky & Telescope Magazine – monthly magazine  - the best
Astronomy  - Monthly magazine – not bad, but not in the same league as Sky (IMHO)

Nightwatch, by Terrence Dickinson  - A great guide to the night sky – good charts and explanatory text

The Cambridge Star Atlas by Wil Tirion
Both of these are similar – all stars to naked eye limits under dark skies
Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 by Wil Tirion

Norton’s Star Atlas – ed. By Ridpath – a venerable classic – good charts & reference material

Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars by Cherrington -  Pretty good – nice intro to the moon

The New Solar System 4th ed. ed. By Beatty, et. al.   – Excellent – detailed summary of the solar system as we now view it

The Cosmic Perspective by Bennett, et. al. – (college level text) – Very well done

An Intimate Look at the Night Sky by Raymo – brand new – combination of maps, myth, explanation and essays – unique –

The Soul of the Night by Raymo – Essays on the night sky – very enjoyable reading

365 Starry Nights by Raymo – A nice night by night introduction to the night sky

The Astronomical Companion by Ottewell – wonderful graphic art – large format book – one of my favorites

Observer’s Handbook – published annually by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – a must for serious star gazers; if you are less serious, one of the magazines will do nicely.

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