Saturn Workshop June 2001

Astronomy Internet Links (all good as of 6/24/01):
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-NEW- Sky Surveillance - A Trip Through the Solar System; (Recommended by sixth graders at Colonial Academy):

Astronomical Society of the Pacific:

ASP Education Page:

ASP Teacher’s Newsletter:

Sky Publishing/ Sky & Telescope Magazine:

Sky’s collection of Internet Links:

New York Times Science Page:
   (free registration required)

Wilderness Center Astronomy Club:

International Dark Sky Association:

The Nine Planets:

Views of the Solar System:

Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Heavens Above (Satellite predictions):
(lat=40.7972;  lng=-81.3769 loc=Canton TZ=EST)

Hawaiian Astro. Soc. Deep Sky Pages – constellations, myths, & more:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Moon:

“How the Shaman Stole the Moon” a book by William Calvin:

Bad Astronomy Page:

SEDS page (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)

Space Telescope Science Institute:

Nick Strobel’s Astronomy Textbook on the Web:

Abrams Planetarium Skywatcher’s Diary:

Space & Astronomy for Kids:

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