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September Meeting Observing Report

September 27, 2013. The meeting ended early thanks to Brian's suggestion to postpone his program for a month so we can get out and observe. Good call Brian!

Equipment Used -
16" f/4.5 dob, Tele View Naglers, 31mm, 22mm, 17mm and 12mm, Lumicon UHC filter. Note on equipment; if finder scope is dewing up, turn on secondary mirror heater (dew was on secondary) and check for loose screws on focuser (tightened screws at home and flaky focuser acted normal again).

Objects -
Those that stayed enjoyed a great evening of observing. Those that stayed late enjoyed the 1 meter size meteor streaking across the sky that was called "Ohio Fireball" by  Tom almost missed it but he was snagged by Bill and Ron to look at one more object (The Double Cluster) as he was driving out. The "Ohio Fireball" was an excellent sight that lit up the entire ground and I could read the labels on my telescope by it. The flash lasted a good while (maybe 20 degrees or more) and the smoke trail was visible for about 30 sec.

The observing session went from 9:00 to 11:45. I set up in the lower parking lot to view Sagittarius just above the trees. A few of the members stayed to observe. I managed to set up in time to see Nebula Row one last time this year, which is why I brought this scope out to begin with. Unfortunately M6 and M7 were low in the trees.

Nebula Row:  M8, unknown open cluster, M20, M17, M16, M22 and M11. The UHC filter worked fine on the nebulas while still showing some stars.

Other objects that I can remember: M13, M27, M57, M15, Enif (The Wiggle Star, tap the tube and the double star wiggles or has a pendulum effect), NGC7789, NGC457, Double Cluster, M31, M32, M110, M33 and NGC604 (star forming region in m33).

Highlights - in order: "Ohio Fireball" (see description above), Double Cluster with 31mm eyepiece, 1.37 degree field of view showed both open clusters at 59x. Lots of stars. M8, Lagoon Nebula, early on. The 22mm and UHC filter worked best (another good call Brian!). Open cluster, Hour Glass and nebula were visible even though it was low on the horizon and very humid. M17 with 22mm and UHC filter showed lots of detail and loops of nebula. M57 had 3D look to it and really popped out at you. M31, M32 and M110 in the same field of view with 31mm eyepiece. Milky Way Great Rift visible naked eye.

Temperature when I got home at 1:00  was 55 degrees, 87 % Relative Humidity and 51 degrees dew point.

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