A Bill Castro image of the Moon.
Date: June 29, 2001
Location: Louisville, OH
Scope: Celestron 80mm f/5 refractor
Camera: PC23C video camera ( supercircuits.com ) at prime focus
Recorded on Sony Hi8 and frame grabbed with Dazzle DPM

Additional equipment:

From supercircuits.com
BNC to RCA adaptor
Power supply, 12 DC 300ma adaptor

From Edmund Industrial Optics
A clear lens on the camera consisting of Borofloat Window stock number K45-461 and a C-mount 20mm lens holder stock number K54-626. The clear lens keeps the dust off the camera CCD chip. Without it the chip must be cleaned for each use.

From astronomics
Celestron T to C adaptor,
They also sell the scope. I believe the Next Star 80 HC is the same optical tube with tracking motors. the Next Star 80 GT adds a comuter GOTO. Ask the dealer if the scope has a T-mount threaded end to attach camera accessories.

For solar viewing
Baader Solar filter from astro-physics.com.
Image: Partial solar eclipse sequence from December 25, 2000. (Use browsers back button to return.)
Mpeg Video clip: timelapse video of Partial solar eclipse from December 25, 2000. (422KB media player required.)