Operating the ToUcam-Pro PCVC 740K Webcam using AVIedit

Download AVIedit at: http://www.am-soft.ru/aviedit.html

Power up the webcam using the Phillips’ software provided with the ToUcam-Pro, then close this program and open AVIedit to acquire .avi-format video files.

AVIedit commands under the “Capture” toolbar at upper left:

Click “Open Window”

Click “Preview Mode” to display live streaming video

Click “Options” to adjust the following settings:

Mode: 640X480 (Note: It is necessary to click ”OK” or the 640X480 setting will not be made. When it is made, the size of the live video display window will double in size.)

Select “No Compression”

Frame rate: 10 frames per second

Brightness: 50% (default setting)

Contrast: 50% (default setting)

Gamma: 20%

Check the “Time Limit” box and enter the time limit for the video file acquisition. I generally choose values of 60 to 120 seconds.

Under “Source” set the camera’s gain and exposure time as follows:

Gain: 20-50% depending on focal ratio and subject. For Mars and the Moon 20%; Jupiter 25 to 30%; Saturn 40%+. Strive to minimize the gain setting, as higher gain results in higher noise.

Shutter Speed: Varies according to focal ratio and subject. 1/25-second (maximum setting) will be required for Saturn and Jupiter at focal ratios of f/20 or more; the Moon and Mars may permit shorter exposures. After setting exposure time, make a slight adjustment to the gain setting so that the live image displayed looks slightly under-exposed. This is essential and assumes that your monitor is well calibrated. If the streaming video looks properly exposed, the result downstream in Registax will be an overexposed image.

Once the camera settings are made, click “OK” or they will not be preserved. Then hit “CLOSE” on the options window and you’re ready to acquire video .avi files.

Acquiring .avi-format video files

To acquire video, click on the icon at the top (right of center) that looks like a camcorder. While video is being captured, an hourglass will replace the arrow. The arrow will reappear when the capture sequence is completed. You may end a capture sequence at any time by hitting the escape key. Multiple capture sequences are made by simply clicking on the camcorder icon. AVIedit will automatically assign sequential numerical titles (“001” etc…) to the video files as they are made.

Note: Always end an AVIedit session by using the “Close Window” command.