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Phil Hoyle video image of Io and Ganymede

A Phil Hoyle video image of Jupiter's moons Ganymede and Io
taken from Wooster, Ohio on 12/9/2000.
Io is the one furthest to the left and Ganymede is to the right.
The image is a composite of 24 video frames.
Scope was 10" LX200.
Camera mounted on tripod next to telescope.
Eyepiece used was 4x barlow with 56 mm Plossl.
Processing done with Picture Window and Astro Stack software.

Notes from Phil:

Below is an edited description of how this came about that I wrote to someone
else in an earlier E-mail:

"The image of Ganymede and Io are from Saturday night.  I had my 4x 2 barlow
in the scope because I was getting some really, really good eyeball views of
Saturn at high power.  Just on a lark, I decided to put my 56 mm in and shoot
some video.
This results in about 180x to the eye and the video camera was at about 15x.
I knew the mag and the f-ratio would be too high to get details on Jupiter,
but what the heck.  Then this afternoon, again, just on a lark, I decided to
check out some of the individual frames of Ganymede and Io.  I was surprised
how clear some of the frames were.  I started downloading some.  If you look
at Io, you can see a dark band going right down the middle.  That is present
on at least half the frames I downloaded.  Markings on Ganymede are
considerably more subtle."

Actually, the markings on Ganymede are mostly the result of noise from seeing