November 8, 2003 Lunar Eclipse

At The Wilderness Center's Astronomy Education Building - Open to the public for viewing.
Saturday November 8th, 2003. It was a great event and time had by all. The sky cleared at the right time to have some clear views. It was interesting to see the copper red moon and the milky way in the same sky. Thanks to John Waechter, Paul Piotrowski, Gene Rickenbrode, Phil Creed and Bill Castro for helping out.

November 8th Lunar Eclipse Timetable:
  • Moon enters penumbra 5:15 pm
  • First visible shading ? 5:55 pm
  • Partial eclipse begins 6:32 pm
  • Total eclipse begins 8:06 pm
  • Total eclipse ends 8:31 pm
  • Partial eclipse ends 10:04 pm
  • Last visible shading ? 10:45 pm
  • Moon leaves penumbra 11:22
  • Below are some pics.

    November '03 Lunar Eclipse from John Moore

    Above, John Moore image at the time of totality with a Televue TV-76 and an Olympus C-3000 digital camera through a 26mm Plossl.

    November '03 Lunar Eclipse from Phil Hoyle.
    Phil Hoyle image with Apogee 80 mm F5, Minolta Dimage S404 (digital), afocal projection near Caldwell, OH.

    November '03 Lunar Eclipse from Bill Castro
     Bill Castro image, Sony Hi-8 camcorder afocal through 6 inch Astro Physics f/8.

    November '03 Lunar Eclipse from John Waechter.November '03 Lunar Eclipse from John Waechter
    John Waechter images with digital camera afocal through 6 inch Astro Physics f/8.

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