Jupiter with shadow transit-4 frames stacked

A Bill Castro and Phil Hoyle video image of Jupiter. 4 FRAMES STACKED
Ganymede is to the lower left and Io is to the uper right.
Ganymede's shadow is the dark spot on the planet.
Date: March 13, 2002
Location: Louisville, OH
Scope: Meade 8 in. F10  LX200 SCT
with 2X barlow and IR blocking filter.
Camera: Taken with an Astrovid Stellacam
Recorded onto a Sony Hi-8 camcorder used as a video tape recorder.
Single frame digitized with Dazzle Digital photo maker.

Phil Hoyle processed the Stacked Image as follows:

using picture window:
darken the midtones,
increase number of pixels used,
very light gaussian blur (of all things, but sometimes it helps to get a
better alignment of the stack.)

Using Astro Stack:
Stack & combine pictures
LR deconvolution.

I ended up using only 4 of the 8 you sent.
I needed to weed out some of the frames that showed less detail.