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    This page is in two parts. First, there is a section of current astronomical special-events and/or a short program that a WCAC member has put together.  Second, there is a listing of links to sites that contain general-information of current events for Ohio (star parties), what is currently up in the sky, observing lists (catalogs) and on line sky charts. 

    Good luck and clear skies! 

    The data for the above image comes from those very cool guys at the. Canadian Meteorological Center. (This really works!!!) 

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Objects by Month - Deep space objects visible in the given month. The links below are for some show piece objects listed by object type, catalog number and constellation. Types listed are nebulae, globular clusters, open clusters, galaxies and multiple stars.   

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 Events for Ohio (star parties...) 

Public Viewing Night - Dates and times at The Wilderness Center. See also What to expect at a Public Viewing Night before you go. 

Fred F. Silk Planetarium - At The Wilderness Center. 

Hoover-Price Planetarium - Part of the McKinley Museum and National Memorial, Canton, OH. 

NASA Glenn Visitor Center - Information and calendar of events. Glenn's Visitor Center host events that feature special activities and an opportunity to hear directly from expert engineers and scientists at presentations. These are held monthly. 

Shafran Planetarium programs - At the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

General What's Up Links 
Abrams Planetarium Night Sky Notes - Updated each month by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University. 

Observing Highlights - "This week's sky at a glance" from Sky and Telescope Magazine. 

Observing Lists 
  HAS - Hawaiian Astronomical Society's Storybook and Deep sky Atlas. 

SAO Database - The Saguaro Astronomy Club page of things to view. Includes database of deep sky objects and double stars. Other SAC Files have lists specific to various applications. 

SEDS - Messier catalog, NGC 2000, Astro Maps and more. 

WCAC Small Scope List - A small scope observing list of 110 objects found in Northeast Ohio light polluted skies. Included in this list are 16 nebulas, 59 open clusters, 15 globular clusters and 20 galaxies from the Messier and NGC catalogs.

On Line Sky Charts 
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon

Sky Chart. Sky and Telescope's interactive sky chart.

Skymaps.com - Free sky maps for each month

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